Podtrac's Top Podcast Publisher Ranking for June 2016 is now available.

The full June Podcast Industry Ranking of Top 10 Publishers is now available at Podtrac.com.

Highlights of the June Ranking :

  • NPR maintains the #1 spot with a US Unique Monthly Audience of 7.1 million - a margin of 1.4 million unique audience members over #2 publisher, WNYC.
  • Radiotopia has been added as a publisher and makes the list at #5, replacing the previous listing for Roman Mars. (Roman Mars' 99% Invisible is included in the Radiotopia grouping).
  • All publishers except CBS saw a decrease in their Unique Monthly Audience from May to June.
  • The Top 10 Publishers generated 179,500,000 total Global Unique Streams and Downloads in the month of June.