Podtrac currently publishes two Podcast Industry Rankings each month: the Top 20 Podcasts and the Top 10 Podcast Publishers. 

Our Rankings use proprietary and consistent measurement methodology to allow apples-to-apples comparison of podcast audience sizes.

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Top podcasts

Podcast Industry Ranking
Top 20 Podcasts
US Audience: April 2017
Rank Podcast Publisher
1 S-Town This American Life/Serial
2 This American Life This American Life/Serial
3 RadioLab WNYC Studios
4 Stuff You Should Know HowStuffWorks
5 TED Radio Hour NPR
6 Planet Money NPR
7 Fresh Air NPR
8 Freakonomics WNYC Radio
9 Serial This American Life/Serial
10 Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! NPR
11 NPR Politics Podcast NPR
12 The Daily The New York Times
13 Up First NPR
14 The Joe Rogan Experience * Joe Rogan
15 Hidden Brain NPR
16 The Moth PRX/Radiotopia
17 Pod Save America* Crooked Media
18 How I Built This NPR
19 99% Invisible PRX/Radiotopia
20 The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe MRW Productions

Ranking is based on Podtrac measurement data for Unique Monthly Audience for shows that measure with Podtrac. Shows on the Ranking which do not measure with Podtrac are denoted with an asterisk (*). Ranking of these shows is determined by a proprietary Podtrac algorithm which uses publicly available data.

Podtrac measurement is free to use by any podcast. Vist Podtrac.com for more information.