May 2016 - Top 10 Podcast Publishers

Podtrac's Top Podcast Publisher Ranking for May 2016 is now available.

Podtrac published the first-ever podcast industry ranking in May based on April 2016 data. The full May Podcast Industry Ranking of Top 10 Publishers is now available at

Highlights of the May Ranking :

  • "Global Unique Downloads" is renamed "Global Unique Streams and Downloads"  to clarify that this metric  does include listens that are streamed.  The April  Ranking also included streams in the column labeled Global Unique Downloads.
  • NPR maintains the #1 spot with a margin of 1.7 million unique audience members over the #2 publisher, WNYC.
  • HowStuffWorks is still at #4, while the order of the remaining nine publishers has shifted.
  • Eight of the ten top publishers saw increases in their Unique Monthly Audience from April to May.
  • Total Global Unique Streams and Downloads across all Top 10 Publishers remains relatively flat at 168,433,000 in May versus 168,892,000 in April.

A downloadable version of Podtrac's May Podcast Audience Ranking of Top Publishers,  which contains additional information, is available at

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more podcast industry Rankings from Podtrac, including Top 20 Publishers and Top Shows.