Podtrac provides the industry standard metrics and data analysis to accurately measure podcast audiences worldwide across all traffic sources. Podtrac wrote the first podcast measurement white paper in 2005, and we measure most top publishers and podcasts.  As a founding member of the Podcast Working Group at the IAB, Podtrac regularly participates in discussions to help educate the industry about podcast measurement and is certified by the IAB as compliant with the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines Version 2.0.

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Accurate Metrics Make the Difference in Smart Advertising and Content Decisions

Whether you’re an advertiser or publisher, you need to make decisions based on the best data available.  But many podcast metrics in circulation are inaccurate, misleading or confusing which can lead you to decisions you might not otherwise make.  Podtrac ends the confusion with its industry-leading measurement services and sophisticated algorithms to help you make smart decisions.

Learn more about the podcast metrics you can trust in these free white papers from Podtrac:

Free Services

Podtrac’s measurement services have been free for 10 years, so there aren’t any barriers for publishers and advertisers to have a consistent audience measures using Podtrac’s consistent methodology and algorithms.  Already have metrics?  Supplement your existing reports with industry standard Podtrac measurement.