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Podcast Industry Ranking Highlights
Top 10 Podcast Publishers
US Audience: June 2019
Rank Podcast Publisher US Unique Monthly Audience Global Downloads & Streams Active Shows
1 NPR 20,430,000 143,953,000 58
2 iHeartRadio 19,080,000 129,998,000 252
3 PRX 9,280,000 64,834,000 70
4 Wondery 8,525,000 44,983,000 75
5 New York Times 7,794,000 51,515,000 9
6 Barstool Sports 6,399,000 30,480,000 29
7 ESPN 5,761,000 44,015,000 62
8 WNYC Studios 5,517,000 26,432,000 51
9 This American Life/Serial 5,074,000 17,967,000 2
10 Daily Wire 3,682,000 21,968,000 5

Total mobile and desktop US podcast audience.

Unique Monthly Audience:
Total of unique audience members who stream or download publisher's podcast content across all shows they produce.
Unique Streams & Downloads:
Total unique streams and downloads of podcast content for the month across all shows produced by publisher.
Active Shows:
Count of shows produced by publisher and measured by Podtrac which contribute to the totals in the Ranking.
Podcast Publisher:
An entity or individual which owns, creates and publishes podcasts.

Ranking data only includes publishers that participate in Podtrac measurement for the full month for which the ranking is being released.

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Note: As of April 2019, Global Downloads and Streams reflect updates to Podtrac’s measurement algorithm and are not directly comparable to months prior to April 2019. Unique Monthly Audience numbers were not impacted by this update.