How to Measure your Podcast with Podtrac

Podtrac's Measurement service provides third-party measurement data not available anywhere else and is free to most publishers.

Podtrac Measurement works by redirecting your podcast traffic through a Podtrac server which collects and analyzes information about the download request and then sends it on to where your media file is hosted. The redirect is instantaneous and does not affect delivery of your file.

Once you've registered with Podtrac, follow these 3 easy steps to measure your podcast:



Important Notes for Users of Popular Platforms:

FeedBurner users: Podtrac is fully compatible with FeedBurner's obfuscated enclosure URLs. Just Prefix the media file URLs when you create your episodes, and we'll handle the rest.

Libsyn users: If you use Libsyn to host your RSS feed or update your XML file, send Libsyn a note and ask them to begin including the Podtrac Prefix on all episodes going forward. Libsyn is generally responsive and should add your prefix quickly.

SoundCloud users: To begin using Podtrac Measurement with your SoundCloud feed and to see your stats (including iTunes and other downloads/plays) on your Podtrac dashboard, please go to your SoundCloud dashboard and enable tracking. From the Settings – Content page on your SoundCloud dashboard, the prompt says: Stats service URL prefix. Please enter: All other links to episodes must also include the Podtrac prefix (on your site, for example).

Squarespace users: Include the Podtrac redirect in the "Podcast Analytics URL" field when posting an episode using an Audio Block. full instructions

PodPress users: Podpress has been discontinued, so we reccommend that you move to another solution that is more current and secure. If you still use PodPress to generate your RSS feed, please note that the built-in Podtrac support in certain versions doesn't work correctly because PodPress hides the episode URLs. If the Podtrac Prefix doesn't actually appear in your feed as described above, then your episodes won't show up on your reports. The best solution in this case is to disable PodPress's automatic Podtrac support and insert the Podtrac Prefixes yourself after the feed is generated.

BluBrry users: If your feed is hosted on please use the PowerPress instructions.  Otherwise if you email your BluBrry support contact, they can enable support through their site. Just make the request and they can insert the Podtrac Prefix into the URLs automatically at their end.

PowerPress users:

  • In PowerPress > Settings make sure you are in advanced mode.

  • Go to the services and stats tab.

  • Where it says "Redirect URL 1" If there is a blubrry URL in there already, click "add another redirect" and put the Podtrac URL in "Redirect URL 2" otherwise, paste in the Podtrac redirect in Redirect URL 1.

  • Save settings.

PodBean users: PodBean does not support third party measurement prefixes. The best option for gathering measurement is either to use the Podtrac Feed Mirroring Service and register that feed in iTunes or to switch to another host such as SoundCloud or Libsyn.

Podtrac Feed Mirroring Service: If you do not have control over your RSS feed in the ability to edit your episode file links with the Podtrac Prefix, use Podtrac's Feed Mirroring Service, and we will apply the Podtrac Prefix automatically for you.

More Important Notes:

  • Podtrac updates the Measurement reports daily based on the previous day's activity. Totals for a given day are typically available by noon on the following day.

  • The privacy of data collected about your podcast is important to us. Podtrac will only share data linked to the name or the RSS of your podcast with verified advertisers. Podtrac may also provide summary data to third parties  For more information, please review our full Privacy Policy available on your Publisher Dashboard when logged into Podtrac.

  • Please contact us if you need help with any of these three steps. We'll email you back with an answer or set up a time to talk.

Best Practices for MP3’s:

  • Files should use ID3v2 and keep the ID3 size under 300K.

  • Bit rates of 64kbps or 128kbps are recomended.

Additional Details on the Podtrac Measurement System