More About Podtrac Measurement Reports


  • Podtrac's podcast measurement service is free to any podcast with download counts under two million per month. For publishers with higher counts, a reporting fee may apply beginning 90 days after you start using the service for future download counts, reporting and analysis.
  • Podtrac collects and analyzes data consistent with the Podtrac Podcast Measurement Methodology. This methodology was developed by the pros at Podtrac, whose experience includes developing other measurement systems used by: Arbitron, cable television, Comscore, and online advertising businesses. For more details about our expert methodology, please see our Essentials area.
  • The measurement service is professionally hosted with redundant internet connections, full backup power, professional 24x7 monitoring, and guaranteed 99% uptime.
  • Your Podtrac Measurement Reports will be available within 24 to 48 hours from when you first start using the service. Look for the "Reports" tab in the Publisher Dashboard when you log in to your Podtrac account. Your Podtrac Measurement Reports will display data from the time you first begin using Podtrac's measurement system.