New Ranking from Podtrac: Top Podcasts for August 2016

Today Podtrac released a new podcast industry ranking: The Top 20 Podcasts.

The first monthly Podtrac Industry Ranking of the Top 20 Podcasts is available at, where you can also learn more about the rankings. 

A top podcasts ranking was the number one request received by Podtrac after launching the monthly ranking of the Top 10 Publishers in May of this year.

The Top 20 Podcasts ranking is a comprehensive ranking of all podcasts based on unique monthly U.S. audience. This ranking by audience size is useful to advertisers and those in the podcast industry who want to know which shows achieved the largest US audience during the previous month. It complements iTunes rankings which are based on inputs such as the volume of recent subscriptions and are useful to podcast listeners who want to discover new and trending podcasts.

The top three podcasts in the August Ranking are:  This American Life, WNYC’s RadioLab and Stuff You Should Know from HowStuffWorks.

The ranking includes 7 shows from NPR, 3 from PRX/Radiotopia and 2 each from publishers This American Life/Serial, WNYC Studios, and HowStuffWorks, as well as podcasts from several independent publishers including Joe Rogan and Nerdist Industries.

Visit to view the August Ranking Report.