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Measuring plays has always been a challenge in podcasting. The new Remote Audio Data (RAD) system, developed by NPR, offers a framework for providing this data across listener platforms.

What is RAD?

RAD is a system for tracking podcast plays. In this system, podcast publishers add new RAD-defined ID3 tags to their episode files. Podcast client app developers then interpret these tags in their players and issue pingbacks as defined by those publishers. The pingbacks are then aggregated by data collectors, as specified by the publishers, who provide reports.

RAD will become increasingly compelling as more podcast app clients and publishers implement it. You can learn more about RAD here [link].

Podtrac RAD Beta

Podtrac is supporting RAD as a data aggregator by including the RAD play reporting on the Podtrac Publisher Dashboard, enabling publishers to see actual play data alongside their download and audience data - resulting in a more complete picture of episode activity. The Podtrac RAD Beta program consists of:

  • Support for RAD play tags for content and ad plays

  • Podtrac RAD play reports by episode and source

Interested in RAD?

If you are a podcast publisher who is interested in participating in our RAD Beta, or if you’re interested in getting the latest on Podtrac support for RAD, please complete this form.

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