Podtrac’s Verified Measurement Service

While Podtrac employs automated checks on traffic processed for all publishers using its measurement system, Podtrac’s Verified Measurement Service provides an opportunity for podcast publishers to work closely with Podtrac to obtain the highest level of confidence in their audience data via an audit of their Podtrac measurement implementation. These top publishers have undergone verification of their Podtrac Measurement implementation.

You’ll benefit from Podtrac’s Verified Measurement Service if you:

  • Are a top 100 podcast publisher

  • Have one or more podcasts that are among the 200 most popular

  • Are a podcast publisher with many shows, or

  • Need or want custom support or analysis during implementation or periodically ongoing

Benefits of Verification:

  • Confidence that you are using Podtrac measurement correctly across all platforms, and assurance that your podcast traffic is being optimally measured

  • Indication in Podtrac Rankings that your audience measurement is verified by Podtrac

  • Industry recognition as a top podcast publisher committed to transparency and accuracy

  • Increased confidence and trust from advertisers

Included in Podtrac’s Verified Measurement Service:

  • Personalized review by Podtrac of your implementation of the Podtrac measurement service

  • A Verified seal on your Podtrac reports

  • Verified status confirmation via dedicated email to Podtrac (to be used for a 3rd party to confirm a publisher is truly verified by Podtrac and confirm specific report values)

  • Bulk measurement data export feature

  • If a top 10 publisher, placement of the Verified seal next to your name on the monthly Top 10 Publisher ranking

  • If not a top 10 publisher, access to your unique monthly audience numbers at the publisher level

  • Premium priority support including :

    • access to Podtrac engineers and staff to address implementation issues and ongoing measurement questions and concerns

    • custom research to answer questions specific to your account

    • bulk data uploads and editing

    • personalized support in managing your Podtrac account

Overview of Audit Process

Verification is via an annual audit of your implementation of Podtrac measurement to ensure all traffic sources are being appropriately measured. During the audit we will work closely with you to review all traffic sources, research and address questions of discrepancies in the Podtrac data versus other sources, and facilitate account set up and maintenance via bulk uploads and custom account configurations. Ongoing you will receive priority support for measurement questions and account changes as needed (e.g. change of hosting provider, publication errors, etc)

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