More About the Podtrac Audience Survey

Podtrac offers you a choice of surveys:

  • The Standard Podtrac Audience Survey: the industry standard in audience data which gives you the most detailed information about your audience. This survey has been completed by more than 150,000 online show audience members.

  • The Abbreviated Podtrac Audience Survey: a shorter version zeroing in on key demographic data

Both surveys are designed to collect the right information for your podcast. With either of our free surveys, you'll receive:

  • A unique link so responses ares stored specific to your podcast
  • Copy and graphics to help you promote the survey via your website

With the Standard Podtrac Audience Survey you will also receive:

  • Analysis of eleven important satisfaction drivers and special "gap scores" to identify areas to help you improve your podcast
  • Feedback from your audience in their own words about likes and dislikes in regard to your podcast
  • Data on how your audience listens to or watches your show, including online vs offline, RSS subscription, frequency, and how much of each episode is typically listened to or watched

Additional Details

  • The Standard Podtrac Audience Survey consists of 40 questions and takes approximately ten minutes to complete (a typical length for a research survey of this type). The abbreviated version consists of 14 questions and takes about 5 minutes to complete.
  • Your survey results will be available shortly after a minimum number of listeners/viewers complete the survey. We'll send you an email when they're ready for your review.
  • The Podtrac Survey offers users the option of joining the Podtrac Audience Panel. This opt-in program gives us the opportunity to ask follow-up questions about purchase profiles and listening/viewing habits.
  • You can try out the Standard Podtrac Survey and/or the Abbreviated Podtrac Survey via these links. Data you enter via these two links will not be saved or analyzed by Podtrac.