What Every Advertiser and Podcast Publisher Needs to Know about Podcast Metrics

Considering Advertising in Podcasts, or Already Running Podcast Ads?

Here are the Metrics You Need to Know.

Let's face it.  Podcast metrics are confusing:  unique downloads, total downloads, podcast impressions, server log files, raw hits, iTunes rank,... The list goes on…  presented differently in each proposal, leaving advertisers the daunting task of figuring it all out.


If you’re an advertiser considering podcasting or you’re already running ads in podcasts, then having accurate metrics for ad planning and ad delivery are key to understanding your campaign's success.  

And if you're a podcast publisher, understanding and having access to the metrics that best support advertisers is important for your business.

What Every Advertiser and Publisher Needs to Know About Podcast Metrics, a white paper from Podtrac, breaks down and explains which metrics advertisers and publishers can trust, and which metrics are inaccurate or misleading.  So you'll have the knowledge you need to smartly plan and accurately count your first (or next) podcast ad campaign.