White paper summary

With the recent proliferation of ad networks, ad serving companies and podcast publishers, it can be difficult to know which podcast metrics are valid and which are not.  In this white paper, Podtrac brings over 10 years of experience in measuring podcasts to answer key questions such as:

  • Which metrics are helpful and available for planning a podcast campaign?
  • Which metrics are helpful and available for counting ad delivery?
  • Which metrics are inaccurate or misleading?
  • How do metrics affect pricing?

You’ll learn:

  • The one key metric you should always look for when choosing podcasts for your campaign
  • How to interpret ad delivery  for both “live read” or auto-inserted ads
  • The 9 inaccurate and misleading measures of podcast audiences that you should avoid
  • Why a low CPM is often the result of inaccurate or misleading metrics
  • Why podcast CPMs can range widely from one publisher to the next
  • Why a free and open service that provides accurate measurement and transparency to podcasting for publishers, talent and advertisers is the best way to move the industry forward  
  • What you can do to support accuracy in the podcast industry.