Audience Demographics

Understanding your audience is important to the growth of your show, and that's what the Podtrac Audience Surveys are all about.

Our free web-based surveys for your podcast have been expertly developed and analyzed by the audience research professionals at Podtrac, Mediamark Inc. (MRI), and Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS). TNS is the largest custom research organization in the world, and MRI is the country's leading provider of magazine audience and multimedia research data for publishers, agencies and advertisers.

Here's what you'll get when you use the Podtrac Audience Survey:

  • Increased visibility with advertisers 
  • Detailed and accurate demographics of your podcast audience

  • Ability to review changes in your audience over time

  • Key metrics including age, gender, education, income, job function, company size, industry employed, listening behavior and more

Already have some audience survey data?  No problem. You can implement the Podtrac survey to complement the data you already have.

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