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What podcast audience data can you rely on to make informed decisions about content and advertising?

You need accurate audience data to make good decisions about content and advertising. But with various methods for counting audiences - - with often inaccurate stats from hosting providers and other third (?) with less sophisticated analysis - - how do you know which metrics you can rely on to accurately size them and make informed decisions?  Podtrac’s audience analytics are here to help.

  • Industry standard podcast audience measurement - Podtrac pioneered podcast audience measurement in 2005, and we provide the industry standard in metrics and data analysis to accurately measure audience size.  We measure thousands of podcasts including shows from NPR, This American Life, This Week in Tech, WNYC and hundreds of other top publishers and podcasts.
  • Podtrac’s key audience metrics -
    • Unique Downloads by Episode
    • Unique Downloads by Source
    • Unique Downloads by Country
    • Unique Monthly Audience

Unique Monthly Audia stat available in all other major media types through companies like Comscore and Nielsen, and with Podtrac is now available for the first time for podcast media.

  • The most sophisticated podcast analysis algorithms - With more than 10 years experience in measuring and analyzing thousands of the most popular podcasts and more than 10 billion downloads, Podtrac’s analysis systems have become the industry standard in analyzing raw file requests to determine unique audience members.
    • Podtrac wrote the first podcast measurement white paper in 2005. Read the latest update here:  Podtrac Measurement Methodology.
    • Active in IAB.  As a founding member of the Podcast Working Group at the IAB, Podtrac regularly participates in discussions to help educate the industry about accurate podcast measurement.
  • Podcast industry rankings - Podtrac provides the podcast industry with the industry’s only ranking of the top publishers every month using a consistent measurement methodology for apples-to-apples audience sizing.  
    • Read the latest update here:  Podcast Industry Rankings.
  • Free service - Our measurement services have been free since 2005, so there aren’t any barriers for publishers and advertisers to have a consistent audience measures using Podtrac’s consistent methodology and algorithms.
  • Expert audience demographics - Podtrac originated the podcast audience survey in 2005, and since then has surveyed hundreds of thousands of podcast listeners to develop detailed demographics by show so you can better understand who’s listening.



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